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Sired by Swamp Dog


We need to cut back on our ewes before the 2017 Lambing Season! 

We will offer 3 ewes for sale.  Purchase exposed to Turbo, Duramax, or Dragon.    Ewes ages range from 2012-2015.  They will be available by mid October. Below is a sample of some of our outstanding ewes that have stood the test of time since 1979!

(These ewes are not the actual sale sheep)


Thanks to the buyers and bidders of our

2016 "MAKE THE WISE CHOICE"  On Line Auction


Watch for the 2017 online auction!



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Turbo, Doc, Rare Ace, Preacher, & Gabe, Semen is available!

  Discount given for 4-H / FFA projects!

  Discount given on purchases of groups of 3 head or more!





Winning in the show ring is important, but it is certainly not everything.  We do not place our sole purpose of raising Hampshire sheep for show ring purposes only, but only look at show ring success as "icing on the cake."  While maintaining a competitive edge in the show ring, production, profitability, and affordability are the bottom line, and we strive day in and day out to keep these 3 goals a top priority.  The show ring is one persons opinion on one particular day, and we do not allow show ring results to interfere with the overall goal or decision making of our flock.  We believe that you must know your own sheep, and what traits you are looking for to improve upon.  The show ring champions may or may not have those traits, and in some cases, traits that should never be introduced in your breeding sheep program.  We pride ourselves in focusing on the big picture, of maintaining the functional Hampshire sheep that we enjoy feeding every day, and that will perform for the long haul.  We pride ourselves in making good honest sales to our customers, with pure integrity. We pride ourselves in making a profit at this purebred sheep business, and not an expensive hobby that will take us under financially.  But yet, not to price our sheep so high that we do not discourage a beginner.  We want to be around for the long haul, not a fly by night operation.  We pride ourselves in raising quality breeding sheep that maintain high health standards, selecting stud rams that we feel will make a positive impact on our flock, and feeding the best quality home grown feed that we can produce, while keeping it as natural & drug free as possible.  These goals are huge in our operation! Last but not least we love meeting new people and maintaining a lifelong friendship with our customers.


hampshire sheepWe produce quality, healthy Hampshire Sheep.  Nothing will leave the barn that is unsound or unworthy of becoming a solid producing breeding sheep for our customers.  

hampshire sheepIf we are aware of any issue with a sale sheep, no matter how small, the customer will know about it upfront, before the sheep is sold.  

hampshire sheepOur entire flock is DNA tested NNI or NNP for the Spider Syndrome & Foot Rot Free.

hampshire sheepOur ewe base is 98% strong with the "R" factor being either "QR" or" RR" on the codon 171 & 100% AA on codon 136.

hampshire sheepWe encourage people to purchase your Hampshire sheep directly from our farm and avoid the risk of disease through exposure in sale barns.   

hampshire sheepWe will make every effort on our part to help with the transportation of your sheep, to assure a safe & healthy arrival to their new home.  Free delivery to specific sale locations.  See details!

hampshire sheepWe maintain a very high nutrition program for the entire flock.  Ewe are what Ewe eat!  We firmly believe that prevention is cheaper and more affordable than curing a health problem.

hampshire sheep We are 100% family, owned, operated, managed, and employed!  

Scrapies Information Fact Sheet - by Bert Moore Ph D. NDSU

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