Wise Hampshires

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100% of our ewe base is has been bred and raised in our barn. We love the stud ewe lines that run deep in the flock.  Never underestimate the strength & power of a good mother! 

Entire Flock is DNA tested for Codon 171! 100% ewe base is QR or RR

Entire Flock is DNA tested for Codon 136! 100% of ewe base is AA

100% of Flock is Spider Free, tested NNI or is NNP

Excellent Breed Character

Natural Mothering Instincts

Excellent Lambing Percentages & Early Estrus Cycles

High Rate Of Gain

Natural Muscling & Thickness

Show-ring Competitive

An ole timer once said, "you have to like what you go out to feed everyday.  If not, you better made changes!"  We like ewes that are easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet, easy keeping, easy breeding, easy lambing, and easy mothering.  If we lose sight of any one of these traits, you can bet we are making changes!





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