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Our entire flock is DNA tested NNI or NNP for the Spider Syndrome & Foot Rot Free.
Our ewe base is 100% strong with the "R" factor being either "QR" or" RR" on the codon 171 & 100% AA on codon 136.
We highly encourage on farm purchases.  This avoids stress, risk of health problems with exposure to sale barns.     
We will make every effort to help with the transportation of your sheep, to assure a safe & healthy arrival to their new home. Free delivery to specific sale locations, otherwise travel fees apply if needed. See details!
We maintain a very high nutrition program for the entire flock. We know that prevention is cheaper than curing a problem. With this being said we have successfully placed an Immune Support supplement into our program the past 12 years that targets specific times of high stress and performance needs. Becasue of this therapy inserted into our program, the use of antibiotics is almost none.  All of our feed and hay is home grown, all natural.

We raise & sell both styles of Hampshires, market and large framed.  We have witnessed first hand benefits from both styles.  But the beauty of the Hampshire is the versatility.  Our current sale demands are leaning towards the combination style or "the best of both worlds" kind of sheep.  We are taking some time off the show circuit (since our girls are out of 4-H) to make some changes to the entire flock.  Adding the natural thickness, correctness, and structure, while maintaing the ease of lambing and great mothering qualities into the entire flock.  Watch as our current stud ram, BLUE BLOOD marks his influence to our powerful female base. 
We are 100% hard working American farm family with honesty and integrity. We are family, owners and operators of a 5th generation family farm, and over 40 years in the Hampshire Sheep business. We stand for our Flag and bow to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  If these speaks to you.....you have arrived at the right farm! 



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