We look forward to putting all natural, wholesome,
locally raised beef and lamb on your dinner table!

The methods we use for growing, harvesting and feeding our cattle, produces a consistent high-quality meat product with a dependable and delicious flavor. We think our labor intensive and balanced diet is the right for our lambs, our cattle, and for our customers.

The grain we feed our sheep and cattle is grown, harvested, stored, ground and fed on our farm. We grind whole ear corn, including the cob which holds great value in fiber for the animals. We are unique in our feeding. Unlike feedlot cattle being fed large quantities of grain to pack on pounds quickly, we use the grain as a tool for consistency. This keeps the acid in the stomachs low while keeping enough starch in the rumen to promote healthy digestion. It also encourages a slower growth with much less stress on the animals. All animals are offered free choice salt/mineral.

We are always researching and seeding in our pastures and hay fields. Having a blend of different varieties of seeds to create high quality and palatable hay for our animals is vital in our feeding program. Before we plant any seed in our hay fields, we plan what dietary needs are required so that we can plant it, bale it, store it and feed it to them accordingly to what they need at a particular time of the year.

Our 100% Angus beef is sold based on hanging weight, which is the weight of the meat while it is hanging to cure. Our hanging weights can vary between 750 to 900 pounds for the whole beef, varying because of the finish weight. Hanging weight is the most accurate weight; however, it will be a higher weight than the total weight you will receive in your freezer due to trimming and selected cuts for processing. We offer whole, half and quarters. If this is your first time ordering and unsure of amounts and cuts, we recommend ordering a quarter beef. Our meat is taken to Jenkins Meats of Mount Victory Ohio for processing. The processing fees are separate and in addition to our costs. We require $100 deposit at time of ordering. The remaining balance is calculated once the final hanging weight is received from Jenkins Meats. We will call you with the final total amount due.  View the Angus Beef Cut Chart

Lambs are sold as a whole and only available for a short time and for order in May. View the Lamb Cut Chart

We periodically offer breeding stock for sale. Contact us for details.

Contact us about our home grown Maple Syrup. Our delicious Maple Syrup is now featured at The Coffee Hall and Creamery in downtown Marysville, Ohio.

Contact us for a dozen or two of our Farm Fresh Eggs!

Top quality beef! Loved every cut that we got. Savory taste. Great people to deal with. Already have my next order in so I don't run out.
Stacey from East Liberty, OH

This is what we remember beef tasting like when we were kids! Awesome!!!
Jamie from Marysville, OH

We just love your maple syrup and can’t wait to use it at our coffee shop
Lydia from Plain City, OH

We won't get our freezer beef from any place else, nothing compares!
Carol from Findlay, OH

Add your name to our Email list to be notified when any of our homemade products are availble. Include your name, phone, and the product of interest. We will get back with you ASAP.

To place an order, contact us by the following:

Call us and leave a message at 614-873-5474

Email us at blumenschein5@columbus.rr.com


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