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Barnes Farms Genetics 3048 

DOB 2-6-2013 TW QRNN

A modern Tunis foundation female! 4048 is a correct, long bodied, stout made ewe with beautiful Tunis breed character. Her dam BFG 6022 is the mother of our premier stud ram. Walk Thru. He sired BFG 5087 “Show Girl”, Champion ewe at the 2010 NAILE for Eric Irvine and also sired BFG 5710 “Big Ten”, used by BWB Farm, S & T Tunis and now Cass Hollow Tunis. To continue this line, we are retaining 4048’s twin brother at stud. We have sold 2/3 interest to Jet Tunis and Scarlet & Gray Farm. Watch for this ram in the future. A great opportunity to buy winning genetics!

               Sire: Scarlet & Gray 901
  Sire: Scarlet & Gray 1108
                  Dam: Hickory Grove Acres 308
BFG 3048


                Sire: Kleman 36 Danny Boy
  Dam: BFG 6022
                 Dam: BFG 6022
                           Dam: BFG 4004


Two yearling ewes sired by Scarlett & Gray 1108 BFG 3076 on left going to National Sale,

and BFG 3048 selling on line May 1 @ BreedersWorld.com

May 9th-10th, 2014 @ Eaton, OH

Lot 671 - BFL 3029 (left)  & Lot 672 sub - BFL 3033 (right)

BFL 3029: The Dog Funk lineage will build powerful, muscular, heavy structured sheep.  It pains me to think what we are giving up in her future progeny.  She was 5th in a big ewe lamb class at the Ohio State Fair last summer.  3029 is big bodied and yet maternal and so correct in her structure.  Mark my word, this female will prove a valuable asset to her new owner.

BFL 3033 has all the right pieces to strut on center stage.  She has a huge top and loin that is extremely square, but she also extends lots of muscle shape down her leg.  We showed her last summer in one of those big ewe lamb classes at the Ohio State Fair.  The BF 1070 ram was the thickest and deepest made grandson of Dog Funk we have used.  We are keeping two daughters and Mark McCabe has a nice set of yearling ewes sired by him.  This one is hard to part with! 

               Sire: Benson by Dog Funk
  Sire: BF 1070
Lot 671                   Dam: BFL 5682

BFL 3029


DOB: 2/4/13

               Sire: Rife’s Duke
RRNN Dam: BFL 6098
                   Dam: BFL 2116
                   Sire: Benson by Dog Funk
  Sire: BF 1070
Lot 672 sub                   Dam: BFL 5633

BFL 3033

DOB: 2/4/13                     Sire: BF 6068
RRNN Dam: BFL 5633
                     Dam: Visocky 07-185

@ Great Lakes Sale - May 24-25, 2014 at Wooster, Ohio

Lot 3 sub - BFG 3076

As we continue to breed productive and functional Tunis that can be competitive in the showring, this is a special female.  Her hide, balance, and muscle shape will make her a shrowring favorite shown slicked or fitted!  We are keeping her twin sister in the flock, and as a bonus, BFG 5649 had another set of twin ewe lambs this spring. If you continue to struggle with the time and money needed to show your sheep custom fitted, check out the possibilities this ewe would present in your show flock.

                      Sire: Scarlet & Gray 901
  Sire: Scarlet & Gray 1108
Lot 3 sub                    Dam: Hickory Grove Acres 308

BFG 3076

DOB: 3/1/13              Sire: BFG 5469 Walk Thru
QRNN Dam: BFG 5649
                       Dam: BFG 6026 by Danny Boy

BFG 3048 is the ewe in the major part of the video. The other ewe is BFG 3076 our entry in the National Tunis Sale.


Lot 4 - BFL 4007

Check out the pedigree on this ewe!  Triple S 529 was two time National Champion Ram.  We have had semen in the tank for several years and this seemed like the time to use it.  Notice 529 is also the grandsire of 4007’s mother.  This ewe lamb is long and thick with great color.   A “must have” genetic piece for any Tunis breeder!   

                   Sire: Triple S 016
Lot 4  Sire: Triple S 529  
BFL 4007                Dam: Triple S 104
DOB: 1/5/14  
RR NN                 Sire: BFG 5686 Twin Brother
  Dam: BFG 1025
                    Dam: BFG 5372 by Triple S 529

Remember we are always seeking youth of all ages who are interested in exhibiting Shropshire or Tunis ewe lambs and/or yearling ewes at all levels of competition.

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