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Welcome to White Post Farm, home of Stromquist Katahdin Sheep! 

We are very proud of our flock and hope you will take the time to look around our website.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for some of the best Katahdin sheep in the country. 

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Meet the Stromquist Family & Our Story!

Steve, Sue, Marian, and John

John & Marian's house


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History of Partnership

After high school, Steve decided to enroll at Illinois State University, where he did his undergraduate work, and then off to The Ohio State University where he received his Master's degree.  After returning home, he became employed as a high school Chemistry teacher.  It was shortly after that he announced that he had met a nurse at Rockford Memorial Hospital and were later married on July 9, 1983. 

Two years after they were married they built a home across the road from John & Marian.  Sue & Steve are our neighbors and partners in the sheep operation.  In 2005 John was elected to the Katahdin Board of Directors for a 3 year term and elected as 2007/2008 President of the Katahdin Hair Sheep International.  Our hearts were deeply saddened when Steve passed away, but has left his mark on Stromquist  Katahdins.

Our Life on the Farm

We have a small farm of 88 acres, approximately 20 miles Northwest of Rockford, Illinois, and 4 miles south of the Wisconsin state line.

 It all started with a dozen beef cows, and raising our own corn and alfalfa hay.  Johnís father thought we needed some sheep, and decided to bring home 10 bred Hampshire ewes.  With 12 heifers and 10 sheep, 3 children and the crops, we were very busy!  To think this was to be a part time job? 

Most farm kids belong to 4-H and our children  got involved at an early age.  Sheep were the main project.  Over 40 years ago, Steve approached us with the idea of breeding a different kind of sheep.  Steve and John then put together a small of flock of Columbia sheep.  Steve always enjoyed showing the sheep, and as he continued showing sheep, it was then that the partnership was formed.  It has been John & Steve, ever since.  Over the years we have shown all over the United States and bringing home many championships on the state and national level.  All the time our flock was growing into what eventually became 100+ Columbia ewes. 

In 1999, it was decided to have an auction and sell the Columbia sheep.  The sale went really well, with the sheep sold to 16 different states.  The reason we had a sale was because the price of wool dropped to an all time low of $0.15 a pound.  On top of that, the sheep shearers were charging more per head increasing it to $4.00 per sheep shorn.  It was during that time that the sheep shearer announced his retirement, while John and Steve made the tough decision to sell the sheep.  For the first time in 40 yearís the White Post Farm had no sheep.   

However, that did not last long.  John and Steve once again decided that they needed some sheep.  This time around, the goal was to find some wool-less sheep!  After researching all the different breeds of sheep, the Katahdin sheep became the choice breed for White Post Farm. But, one catch was that we were told in order to find the sheep we wanted, we would have to go to Canada to find them.  After many emails and phone calls we found the breeders that we felt had the sheep we were interested in purchasing.  The arrangements were made with the USDA to cross the US/Canadian border. Next came the drive to the Alberta, Canada area to the farms of Julie Rosgren,  Bruce Thompson, and Allen & Jane Dauís.  The sheep were all DNA tested on the Codon 171.  There were 14 ewes, and 2 rams that were all QR or RR on the Codon 171 that took the drive across the border to their new home. Over 2700 miles later, they arrived safely in their new home in Durand, Illinois.  The flock has now since expanded into 60 head of ewes. 

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