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We will be 100% Non GMO in 2018!

Thank you for visiting our website! We look forward to helping you put good, all natural wholesome locally raised Lamb and Beef on your dinner table.

Dan comes from a long line of dairy farmers and began raising sheep when he was in 4-H. Although the dairy cows were a big part of the family farm, Dan always dreamed of having his own herd of beef cows and growing his flock of sheep.  Dan and I got married in the early 90’s and welcomed three wonderful farm kids over the years. They are now all teenagers and are a big role on the farm hence our name OAG farms which are the initials of our children.

We currently have 20 head of Angus cross cattle.  We also have 80 head of commercial raised purebred Dorset lambs. We have done a lot of research on this breed of sheep and with their natural lambing abilities, ability to have rate of grain on good pastures/hay we felt we could not go wrong in the production of lambs. We select only the ram genetics that will only enhance our current ewe base.  We never use steroids and we do not give any of our animals that are to be processed hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.  We feel with good selection of genetics most illness can be avoided with proper care from the herdsman.  So take a look at our pictures we have available and please stop back frequently for updated photos and buying opportunities.

Sincerely, Dan & Aimee 

If you shop for beef and or Lamb at your local grocery or even at your local farmer's market you will see two opposing views on how to feed your cattle.  Grass fed or grain fed ?  Each have their pros and cons.  At OAG farms we have a long history with feeding animals and have chose a path that creates a balanced diet for our sheep and cattle. This diet we feel is beneficial to our animals and our customers.  Our cattle eat a diet of home grown high quality hay, and grain.  Our animals eat mostly green matter in their diet, with just enough ground corn to give consistent marbling and great flavor.   

The hay our animals eat is another thing on our farm that we are very proud of due to good research.  Hay is a forage something that ruminant animals require.  We are always researching and seeding new seed in our pastures and hay fields. Having a blend of different varieties of seeds to create high quality and palatable hay for our animals is vital in our feeding program.  Before we plant any seed in our hay fields, we plan what dietary needs are required so that we can plant it, bale it, store it and feed it to them accordingly to what they need at a particular time of the year.  The varieties we typically blend in our hay fields are alfalfa, orchard grass, timothy, and different clovers.  Each brings something to the table and we utilize their benefits to our animals advantage.

The grain we feed our sheep and cattle is grown, harvested, stored and ground on our farm.  We grind our picked ear corn, even the cob which holds great value in fiber for the animals.  Unlike some producers who feed large quantities of grain to pack on pounds quickly, we use our grain as a tool for consistency.  This keeps the acid in their stomachs low while keeping enough starch in their rumen to promote healthy digestion.  It also encourages a slower growth with much less stress on our animals. Our animals have free choice salt/mineral available all year long.

Because of our growing, harvesting and feeding processes, we produce consistently high quality meat with a dependable and delicious flavor.  We think our labor intensive and balanced diet is the right thing to do for our Lamb and cattle, and also for our customer.

“All natural beef supplement is used on our farm and we do not feed preventative antibiotics”


We will be 100% Non GMO in 2018!


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