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We hope you enjoy your visit and learn more about who we are, and what our objectives are for Agriculture in the state of Michigan and the United States of America. We are proud of our organization and our accomplishments towards the agricultural industry, and work hard to provide the link between consumers and farmers, voicing our opinions to the Michigan legislators, educating the public to the positive aspects that farmers provide for our food source and the healthy environment that we strive to protect. To learn more of what a membership into the MAW provides for you, view the membership page of this website. Feel free to stroll through our website, and contact us for valuable information about the Michigan Agri-Women organization.
About Michigan Agri-Women:
Michigan Agri-Women (MAW) is a non-profit, non-partisan, public interest organization. It was formed by a group of farm women in 1971. In November 1974, those women initiated the founding of American Agri-Women, the first nation wide coalition of women’s farm organizations.

Michigan Agri-Women Objectives:
To educate and promote agriculture and its importance to the economy and the environment.

To maintain a network of women of all ages and professions in agriculture.

To address the public, media, and legislators with issues facing the agricultural industry.

To provide a communication link between farmers and consumers.

To give members a larger window of opportunity to befriend, learn, and be part of a larger group of women involved in agriculture across Michigan and the United States.
American Agri-Women:
Michigan Agri-Women is an affiliate of American Agri-Women (AAW) and as such supports the policies and positions of AAW.

American Agri-Women is a national coalition of farm, ranch, and agri-business organizations. American Agri-Women work to present the truth about production agriculture to the public, policymakers, and the media. Visit the American Agri-Women at www.americanagriwomen.org


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