Support the All American Jr. Show in 2019


Ram Semen Benefit Online Auction
This year we are offering a NEW special fundraiser thanks to Willoughby Livestock Sales. They had generously donated a sale at no charge! We have asked Breed Associations participating in the AAJS to have breeders donate 2 straw semen lots from their stud ram battery. All income from sale goes directly to the AAJS.
Ram Semen Benefit Online Auction
www.wlivestock.com - 5/21/18

Ohio and Sedalia Benefit Auctions
Because of industry support at these two sales, we are glad to offer a few large ticket items at auction during both the Big Ohio Sales in Eaton, OH (May) and the Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, MO (June). Check the event schedules for specific times of the benefit auctions, especially at the Ohio Sales. The Sedalia auction will be held during the Supreme Champion Breeding Sheep Drive on Wednesday. Don’t forget to attend the sales and make sure to bid on the items that you want to take home.

Ohio Big Ticket Item
Full Page Color Ad in Banner
Donated by Banner Sheep Magazine
($860 value) Does not include covers

Sedalia Big Ticket Items
Embryo Flush Surgery & Transfers
Donated by Reproduction Sepeciality Group
($1,000 value) LAI Donor ewe breeding ($60), ET Donor Surgery ($400), and Embryos Transfers up to 9 at $60 each ($540).
Buyer responsible for set up and medications at cost. Service can be provided at one of our host site locations or hauled into RSG.

Cordless Livestock Shear
Donated by Pro-Vada
($700 value) Shears with no cord! Our field testing yielded exceptional results, allowing professional shearers to shear a sheep in just under 4 minutes, and battery times clocking in at 25+/- minutes on the 2 AH batteries, and 50+/- minutes on the 6 AH versions!

Pregnancy Test, Biosecurity Screens & AI Breedings
Donated by B&D Genetics
& Delta Livestock Diagnostics
(over $300 value)
10 Pregnancy test (value $65)
Delta with 5 Biosecurity screens (value $85) - Delta


2 Lap AI breedings at our facility
(value $200)


2 Lap AI breeding on farm
(value $150) with a minimum of 10 head at the stop.

Home Page Announcement on championdrive.com
Donated by Novel Designs
($300 value) 3 day announcement run
also includes 1 tweet/text notification

Commission Free Online Sale - 20 head limit
Donated by Willoughby Sales
(value is 10% of Sale Gross)

5 LAI Surgeries during the 2018 breeding season
Donated by Reproduction Sepeciality Group
($200 value) Does not include cost of semen, breeding supplies used to synchronize the ewes for breeding or facility fees if the procedures are performed outside of the RSG facility. Purchaser is responsible for calling our office to set up the date for the surgeries.

A-Line Feeder
Donated by Ketcham Sheep Equipment
($200 value)

Silent Auction Baskets
Several gift baskets will be on display during the show weekend with all proceeds going to support the All-American Show. Anyone interested in donating a basket please bring it to the show on Friday. Bidding on the baskets will go until noon on Sunday. Bid high, bid often!!

Raffle Tickets
Contact your Breed Association or purchase from an exhibitor! Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. Winners will be drawn at the All-American Junior Show on Sunday.

2018 Raffle Prizes
1st Prize - $1000 cash prize

2nd Prize - Hydraulic Trimming Stand

20” x 48” Deck which raises from 3” to 27” with ease ($530 value)
Donated by Sydell

3rd Prize - Fire HD 10 Tablet with Red Case ($160 value)

Exhibitor Raffle Ticket Sales Incentive
Raffle ticket sales is a strong part of the fund raising effort to support the All-American. In the past few years we have seen a decline in the sales of raffle tickets. To encourage more participation this year we are launching a raffle sale incentive plan.

The exhibitor selling the most tickets will receive a special prize at the show. We will also recognize the 2nd through 5th top sellers with a unique prize.

All tickets sold will be recorded by Marie Gillette at the AAJS Sales Booth/Thank You Note Booth at the show. Tickets and money must be turned in by 10am on Saturday to be eligible for sales incentive. Top raffle ticket sellers will be announced during the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Each exhibitor will receive raffle tickets in their exhibitor packet with the entry catalog and information. If you need more tickets to sell please contact your Breed representative or Debbie Hopkins.
Phone: (401) 647-4676
Email: cdcdorset@cox.net 

Please help us support this event by selling lots of tickets!

2018 Incentive Prizes
1st Prize - Hanging Show Box
Donated by Weaver Leather, LLC

2nd Prize - $100 Certificate
to the AAJS Sales Booth
(you pick what you want)

3rd Prize - $75 Certificate

4th Prize - $50 Certificate

5th Prize - $25 Certificate

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